It’s one thing to be a talented leader, but in building great products, you need a leadership team that works great together.

Executive and Team Coaching

Makena Leadership Group is known for a whole-person approach. Founder Dolores Bernardo and her partners inspire clients to find compassion for themselves, their colleagues and stakeholders, while simultaneously pushing them to embrace effective behaviors and skills that are proven to support rapid organizational growth.

We help leaders shift and adapt their leadership style for the demands of ever changing business conditions. Our partners coach and inspire leaders to develop the leadership skills necessary for succeeding in rapid growth and change.


Executive coaching engagements:

Coaching on 1-2 specific goals, such as collaboration with peers or scaling one’s team. 

Developmental coaching focused on helping clients develop insight, motivation and a growth plan to significantly improve their leadership capabilities. This usually includes a 360 stakeholder interview process.

Team coaching:

We work with teams to help people build trust and work more effectively together. This can include any stage in a team’s development towards operating as  “one team.”  A typical team coaching process is about three to nine months and includes:

  • Coaching of team/ team leader on psychological safety, developing shared accountability and org/role clarity for team members
  • Conducting interviews with existing team members
  • Identifying team improvement goals
  • Facilitating team discussions


“Dolores went above and beyond, totally out of her way, to coach me through a tricky management situation. I am so grateful to Google for offering such a phenomenal trainings like Adaptive Leadership and Manager as Coach, but people like Dolores who genuinely live and breathe these teachings and will do anything at any time to get Managers the support they need…this is what makes Google so special.”
—Google Coaching Client