We help people stay resilient, build leadership skills, and take time to reflect on their own growth and that of their teams.

Leadership & Management Program Development and Facilitation

We build and facilitate management and leadership programs based on your organization’s unique culture, business goals, and developmental needs.  Our programs focus on developing individual self-awareness, practicing new skills and behaviors and creating action plans and extended learning strategies for increasing on-the-job performance and behavior change.

Sample Management topics:
  • Growth mindset
  • Team decision making
  • Coaching skills for people leaders
  • Transitioning from IC to Manager
  • Developing a shared vision and goals
  • Giving and receiving candid feedback
  • Manager-led career conversations
  • Managing high performing teams
  • Managing performance & delegation
Sample Leadership topics:
  • Authentic leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Difficult conversations
  • Fostering an inclusive culture
  • Mindfulness, empathy and compassion
  • Fostering collaborative working cultures
  • Scaling yourself as a leader in rapid growth
  • Influencing and building trusting relationships
  • Developing yourself as an organizational leader
“We had a group decision to be made about spinning up a new team to improve our operations. In an hour and twenty minutes – we were able to align on what the team should do. We identified several biases along the way and finally agreed on taking the decision as a “consent style” decision. This is a real example of the usefulness of the workshop you organized.”
—Airbnb Director
“I now feel I have more tools in my managerial tool box to handle the conversation better.”
—Airbnb Manager