We help people stay resilient, build leadership skills, and take time to reflect on their own growth and that of their teams.

Leadership & Management Program Development and Facilitation

We offer Leadership Labs based on what research shows are the most relevant skills, mindsets and behaviors for development and effective leadership. Our programs focus on developing self-awareness, practicing new skills, mindsets and behaviors and creating action plans for implementing leadership skills. We also offer the option to customize and design programs based on your organization’s unique culture, business goals, and developmental needs.

Makena Leadership Labs

  • Cultivating Team Belonging and Psychological Safety
  • Becoming a Resonant Leader:  Emotional Intelligence Lab
  • Building Community through Peer Coaching
  • Leader as Coach:  Coaching Skills for People Leaders
  • Leader as Coach:  Coaching for Career Development
  • Understanding the People Side of Change
  • The Art of Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The Art of Communication: Critical Conversations
  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion
  • Creating a High Performing Team Culture
  • Creating and Building A Team Vision
  • Cultivating Leadership Presence
  • Lessons from Silicon Valley on Disruption and Innovation

Detailed descriptions of the Leadership Labs are also available.


“I now feel I have more tools in my managerial tool box to handle the conversation better.”
—Airbnb Manager
“Dolores’ breath and depth of experience was a refreshing change from experimental or less fleshed out training I have received. I appreciate how she sought out understanding from the group and paused when necessary to answer questions. Nothing felt rushed.”
—Workshop Participant
“Thank you, Nicole, for sharing tough examples from past experience. I enjoyed your style and direct approach.”
—Workshop Participant
“Dolores was absolutely fantastic. Genuine, and very friendly. Great at keeping your attention.”
—Workshop Participant
“Cindy is really exceptional. I really enjoyed working with her both in and outside of the classroom and hope she comes back to train many more teammates new to management.”
—Workshop Participant
“Nicole was awesome. Very engaging and clear.”
—Workshop Participant